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GET OUT OF TOWN! Professional Pet Care was born from my love and passion for animals.  After spending more than ten years in the corporate world, I decided that it just wasn't for me.  I have been an animal lover all of my life. In fact, I canít remember a time when I didnít love animals.  I love animals.  My passion is helping animals.  So, it just made sense to give working with animals a try.

My husband and I have four dogs (Shilo, Chance, Harley and Terri) and seven cats (Speedy, Taffy, Minnie, Bowman, Rascal, Meowzer and Sammy).  We are both avid supporters of adopting rescue pets.  In fact, each and every one of our pets has been a rescue of one sort or another.  I have volunteered with Ninelives Rescue & Adoptions since February 2006, assisting with adoption events and fostering kittens, puppies and adult dogs in our home until they could be placed with new loving families.

Here are our four-legged family members! (Click on photos to enlarge)


Shilo is a Rottweiler. She was our very first dog and she's my baby - a 90+ pound lap dog who can't get enough of being doted on. Shilo had been abandoned at a local groomers by her owner who couldn't care for her. She was emaciated - and very pregnant it turned out - when we brought her home. A few weeks after her arrival, 13 little puppies arrived. We adopted the puppies out to good homes, keeping one - our beloved Sassy, who unfortunately passed away unexpectedly at 14 months old.


Bowman is a Russian Blue. We adopted Bowman from Hopalong Animal Rescue. He is one of our two "scaredy cats", but he does love his "me time" with mom. He sleeps on the pillow with me every night!


Chance is a Pit Bull (and perhaps Rhodesian Ridgeback or Lab) mix. We adopted Chance from the Pinole Animal Shelter when he was 6 months old. We call him our "velcro dog" because where ever you go he's right behind you.


Harley is a brindle Pit Bull (and again, probably Lab) mix. We adopted Harley from Ninelives Rescue and Adoptions in February of 2006, when he was 8 weeks old. He's our waggle butt, goofball, clown dog. He'll lick you into a slobbery mess and he has a tail that's lethal. Sometimes he wags so hard he smacks himself in the head with his own tail!


Meowzer is a grey and white tabby. Honestly she adopted us when she was a teenager. She showed up one day with a kitten (who we found a home for). She wasn't being cared for, so we made sure she had food, water and a place to get out of the weather. She decided this was a pretty good gig, and has been here ever since. We named her Meowzer because she is constantly talking - to us, to herself - she's really not picky. You can look outside and there she is just chatting away.


Minnie is our formal girl - a black & white tuxedo. If ever there was a dog trapped in a cats body, Minnie is it! She much prefers haning out with and cleaning the dogs. She'll even fetch! And you better be willing to stop whatever you're doing when she decides she wants some love, because she's a persistent little girl.


Rascal is a brown bullseye tabby. We adopted him as a kitten from HopAlong in September of 2005. We call him our "sporty" cat because he's so slim and sleek (unlike some of our fuller figured kitties!) Like Minnie, Rascal is also happy hanging out with the dogs, but likes the other cats too.


Sammy is not only our newest family member, but he is the oldest too. He's somewhere between 8-10 years old with crossed-eyes and a lower left fang that always sticks out of his mouth - how could you not find him completely adorable! I've taken to calling him "Sammy the Bully" because he's assumed the role of house bully. He loves to chase the other cats around (especially Minnie). Coming in at a more-than-healthy 17 pounds, I guess that would make him our SUV of cats, if Rascal is our Sports Car.


Speedy (a.k.a. Speed Racer) is the self-appointed Queen of the pets in our house - our diva. She's an 8 year old, all-black beauty with an attitude that won't quit. She's sister to Taffy, but her personality is the polar opposite. She loves to chat it up with you and makes no bones about letting you know when she's not happy with something. She is an experienced shoulder climber who usually perches on your shoulder without warning or asking!


Taffy is our 8 year old Tortie girl (and our other scaredy cat!) Taffy and her sister Speedy were our very first pets. We adopted them both from ARF's mobile adoption center at the El Sobrante Stroll one year. Taffy rarely makes herself seen when anyone but my husband or myself is home, but she is a huge cuddle-bug and she sleeps right next to me every night.


Terri is a Terrier mix and is about 1 1/2 years old. She also came to our home by way of Ninelives Rescue & Adoptions. She was rescued from I-80 where she had been battered and bruised, but very luckily not seriously hurt. Terri started out as a foster - the trauma of her freeway adventure had brought on a terrible bout of demadex. While fostering her we fell victim to her terrier charm and had to make her a member of our family. Terri is Harley's partner in crime and best buddy.