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TWO copies of the house key(s) are required to allow for unforeseen circumstances such as a key breaking/jamming or in case a door with a self-locking mechanism should somehow shut and lock us out.  Having a second key as a back-up is simply the least expensive and quickest way of gaining entry into your home should a problem arise.  Having a second key as a safety net also greatly reduces the potential need for calling on a locksmith to gain entry to your home and/or re-key your door, which in turn saves you the expense of a locksmith visit.

The safety and privacy of our client's is paramount.  All client house keys are assigned a key code and never have your address or any other identifying information associated with them.  Your second key is always kept in a locked key box just as a precautionary measure so that if one of the above mentioned situations were to occur we can still gain entry to the house and your pets in a reasonable amount of time.

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