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In addition to the comments provided below, you can also review what clients have said about our services on, and Catster.comHave a comment you want to share?  Feel free to post to one of the sites listed above or e-mail us your comments and we'll post them here on our web site for you.

Midori loves his time with Robbee.  We saw a huge difference in his attitude almost immediately (once his week day walks began.)  We think he waits for her on the weekends and sulks when she doesn't come.  Awesome service - can't be beat.

- Erika & Krys, San Pablo

Excellent Service!

- Ruth, Richmond

Taz & Jakuta love you!  Me too!

- Pam, El Cerrito

EXCELLENT!  Thanks so much - Roger is very happy!

- Lani, El Sobrante

Very pleasant and professional and good with the dogs.  Thorough process.

- Pedro & Melody, San Pablo

I am very happy!

- Karan, El Sobrante

LOVE your professionalism!

- Andrew & Sharon, Hercules

Robbee - You are awesome!  Thanks for taking care of our little girl, Bella.

- James & Julie, El Sobrante

I love your service and so does Winston!

- Brigitte, Pinole

I know Tiffany missed us, but she must love you, Robbee ("her nanny"), since she is NOT mad at us and says 'thank you for my new friend!"

- Dale & Tawn, Hercules

My husband and I have an 18 year old cat/pillow named Kitty Scarlett.  She is our "daughter" and we are extremely particular and mental regarding her care.  This letter shall serve as a high recommendation for Robbee Sorensen, Owner/Operator of GET OUT OF TOWN! Professional Pet Care.

Kitty had previously experienced a very bad sitter, having trusted a poor recommendation from our ex-veterinarian.  Needless to say, I was beyond thorough during my selection of Robbee and GET OUT OF TOWN!  Out of three companies I selected hers.  This was after interviewing each company once by telephone and once in person.  Hiring Robbee is one of the best decisions I ever made.

My first impression of Robbee was that she was a very professional, knowledgeable person.  During the last year or so of knowing her, we've discovered she is also loving, sensitive and extremely caring.  Before we left on our first vacation Robbee e-mailed confirmation of her service and price.  She provided a variety of helpful and important information regarding issues that we, as the pet owner, may not have considered.

Robbee goes above and beyond what you dream of in a pet care provider.  I may seem overly enthusiastic, but we had a life changing experience where Robbee was our hero.  Relocating our residence to Costa Rica and including our Kitty Scarlett would not have been possible were it not for Robbee.  In addition to her usual services, she couriered, kenneled, and even took Kitty into her own home during the crisis period.  She made all of the necessary telephone arrangements, and followed through with the kennel, the airlines and the veterinary offices.

Obviously, my husband, Kitty and I know you can't go wrong in hiring Robbee.  Our e-mail is below if you'd like to contact us for any specific questions you may have about Robbee and GET OUT OF TOWN! Professional Pet Care.

- Cynthia, Dan and Kitty Scarlett, Costa Rica (formerly Crockett)

Look forward to working with you in the future.

- Ron, Hercules

Thanks - very professional.  I did not have to worry!

- Cait, Crockett

We very much appreciate your attention to detail, follow-up, and excellent care of Molly.

- Alison & Jason, El Sobrante

Will use your service again - thanks!

- Steve, El Cerrito

This was my first experience with a pet sitter and I am very pleased!

- Alta, Pinole

We were very pleased with GET OUT OF TOWN! Professional Pet Care's service!  We will call again!

- Deborah, Crockett

A wonderful experience - loved coming home to the report and treats!

- Matt & Marina, Pinole

We were very happy to meet someone who cared about our dogs, but also our rabbit and birds as much as we do.

- JoAnn & Richard, El Sobrante

Thanks again for allowing me to enjoy my vacation without worrying about my dogs.

- Janet, San Pablo

As the parents of six exotic pets and an extremely perky puppy, it's very difficult to find somebody trustworthy, honest, and patient enough to care for animals who require very specific maintenance and daily care.  Robbee and GET OUT OF TOWN! Professional Pet Care have truly been a God-send for us!  It's such a relief to know that our little ones will be cared for just the way we would if we were home.  We truly feel we have found just the right animal lover (just like us) to care for our babies when we get out of town.

- Stephanie & Kory, Rodeo

I would highly recommend the services provided by Get Out of Town! Professional Pet Care.  I was reluctant at first to hire someone I didn't know, however once I met Robbee all my worries went away.  Not only is she extremely professional, she will take care of your pet as if it was her own!  It was difficult for me to leave town with a diabetic cat but when he wasn't well, Robbee was on top of things and rushed him to the vet.  So next time you leave town, don't hesitate to call Get Out of Town!

- Gaby, El Sobrante